How Does It Work?

Our research and development activities has unearthed a solution that utilises pyrolysis style technology but enables us to bring forward our plans and introduce plastic waste recycling into recycled oil at an earlier stage – when supermarkets and manufacturers dispose of their plastic waste material before the goods enter the consumer arena.

Vixla machines are portable and are delivered onto site on a container. We envisage they would be used by retail parks, supermarkets, industrial estates, food processing businesses, plastic manufacturing companies, public events organisers and council plastic waste stations. Indeed, any organisation that seeks to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing the number of vehicles clearing their plastic waste will be interested in this plant.

The compact, fully-automated Vixla unit converts up to 5000kgs of plastic waste into 5000 litres of oil per day. Plastic waste is first shredded with the material being drawn into a thermal processor that by thermolysis shortens the long hydrocarbon chains creating an oil vapour which flows into the condensation stage and is cooled back into liquid oils.

Watch how it works


QM Recycled Energy mission

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