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The QMRE Solution To Plastic Waste Pollution

The problems associated with plastic waste pollution are well documented and have never been more to the fore in the public’s consciousness.

Hardly surprising given that the world production of plastic is currently 322 million tonnes annually and is forecast to grow to 1.2 billion tonnes by 2050.

Since the ban on exporting plastic waste to China came into play the UK has been stockpiling  the material. Just over 9% of this is recycled with the vast majority being exported to other countries, being incinerated or going to landfill. The latter two measures are not environmentally friendly and there is no guarantee that the exported material will ever be recycled.

So far, so familiar the problem.

What about a solution?

QM Recycled Energy (QMRE) has an effective, efficient solution using tried and tested – but little utilised – technology that will help reduce the effects of plastic pollution waste at the same time as providing lucrative investment and new business opportunities.

Using the proven technology of pyrolysis, QMRE will take the mountains of plastic waste and return it to its natural state – oil. This will be used to power incinerators and furnaces and fuel heavy plant construction vehicles and marine vessels.

This low cost and environmentally responsible solution will bring great opportunities and benefits to the entire chain involved in producing and recycling plastic from manufacturers, local authorities and the waste and recycling industries themselves.

Plastic is not going to be un-invented; it is too useful a material and provides many benefits to mankind. QMRE’s plans to deal with plastic waste provides investors and business partners with an opportunity to be part of the solution.

The initial phase of QMRE’s programme has seen us sign an exclusive UK and Eire distributorship agreement with German manufacturer Biofabrik. We are introducing the Biofabrik compact, fully automated WASTX Plastic P series of container-sized, decentralised plant.

The Biofabrik P series has units of 1000, 2000, 3000 and scalable in units of 1000 that produce 1000 litres of oil from 1000kg of plastic waste.

The operation involves plastic waste being shredded with the material being drawn into a process that utilises pyrolysis to shorten the long hydrocarbon chains, creating an oil vapour which flows into the condensation chamber. Waxy components can be re-melted at low temperatures with the products being stored in heatable tanks for use locally or remotely.

Now view the QMRE-Biofabrik production process…


Complete Compact Solution Modular Plug & Play System

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P Series Brochure

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Just A Few Facts About Plastic Packaging Pollution:

1. 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced to date of which 6.3 billion tonnes is now waste of which 79% is in landfill or the natural environment (Science Magazine).

2. It is estimated that there is now a 1:2 ratio of plastic to plankton which if left unchecked plastic will outweigh fish by 2050.

3. A nappy will exist on Earth for 450 years – over 5 times the average life expectancy of someone in Britain.

4. For every 100m of British beach, there are over 200 plastic or polystyrene items.

5. Around 480 billion plastic bottles were sold globally in 2016 – a million per minute or 20,000 per second.

Information sourced from The Telegraph

Do you share the vision as this can be expanded over the UK to tackle the plastic waste problems?


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