In 70% of cases our consultant advice is that it will require planning approval and should take a maximum of 8 weeks to receive same

Qmre will attend to any licence issues.

It is delivered in a container and lifted into place on site, the ground where it is to be sited should be level.

Yes it requires a 3 phase 60-amp supply.

To initially fire it up whilst the process is started.

No, no water supply is required.

The machine can take pe, pp, ps. All of these plastics are available in retail park service yards and supermarket yards.

No, contamination should be lower than 5% for best efficiency. Feed stock should not be wet because this lowers the efficiency considerably (as water is being evaporated).

No, not if the exhaust gas purification system is specified.

The machine can be fitted with a dual generator that converts the gas and oil into electricity.

The plastic is loaded into a size reducing unit that reducies the plastic into 30mm sized-pieces.

The plastic is stored in a silo. The silo can accommodate one tonne of plastic which is automatically fed Into the reactor, the plastic will need to be topped up every day.

The plastic is fed into a reactor which is disintegrated in a single process, distilled and converted into fuel or if required to electricity.

The machine has a sophisticated siemans monitoring system that is monitored remotely in germany via a phone line of 4g sim – this monitors all the information produced by the machine.

The electricity produced is 3.5 kwh from 1 litre of oil – it can be used to contribute to the landlord’s supply /goods yard supply to run lighting and small power units.

If you wish to receive more technical information and/or would like to see an estimate of pricing we would ask that you register with us.